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10 Healthy Activities To Do This Summer in Corvallis & Albany (2021)

This summer may not quite be back to normal for the Willamette Valley, but that doesn't mean we can't make the most of it. So we've put together a list of health and safe activities you and your family or friends can do locally.

Visit Our Farmer's Markets

Both Corvallis and Albany have fantastic farmer's markets that are in full swing for the summer, offering hours between 9AM and 1PM. Being connected to the source of your food can have a number of health benefits and contributes to our sense of community and appreciation for food with less added chemicals.

To learn more, visit the local market's website here:

Corvallis Farmer's Market

Take A Walk

Working from home, social distancing and the lack of community events have led to a very indoor lifestyle for many. This has taken it's toll on people both physically and mentally. Let's start taking steps to reverse this unhealthy trend. Our bodies love the outdoors with benefits ranging from helping aid with your immune system to boosted energy, not to mention free aromatherapy.

Looking for great walking locations? Try The Talking Gardens in Albany or Starker Park / SAGE Garden in Corvallis.

Float Your Troubles Away

There is nothing more relaxing than floating down the beautiful Willamette River with good company. Social distancing approved, you can grab just about anything that floats, plenty of water to stay hydrated, and head on down to the nearest boat ramp to start your journey of relaxation. ( SAFETY TIP: Lifejackets only work when you wear them, sunscreen only works if you put it on . Let's keep everyone safe this summer )

Great drop off points include Willamette Landing in Corvallis and Takena Landing in Albany.

Picnic In The Park

"I regret eating lunch in that beautiful park." - said no one ever.

If you're looking for a fun and safe activity you can do with minimal preparation, you can't beat an enjoyable picnic in the park.

We even made finding a park easy for you: Click Here to Google Search Now

Eat Out(side)

Corvallis and Albany are full of amazing restaurants that create beautiful meals with local ingredients AND most of them are offering outdoor eating this summer. We won't play favorites since there is such a variety, but a little research online and you can find hidden gems you didn't even know you were missing.

Participate in a Community Garden

There has almost never been a better time to start a garden than now. With local events being postponed and celebrations being limited (such as the 4th of July River Festival in Corvallis being cancelled in 2021), now is your chance.

Outdoor Recreation

No matter if you are interested in hiking, fishing, bird watching, or mountain biking, Corvallis and Albany are known for their culture of outdoor recreation. This summer is the perfect time to start finding what activities fit you.

Visit Corvallis has a wonderful resource page with full write ups.

Outdoor & Virtual Fitness Classes

While you may or may not be ready to return to traditional gym memberships and classes, it doesn't mean we should stop paying attention to our routine fitness regiments. There are classes for everyone in the Willamette Valley.

If you prefer a virtual experience, you can still do it outdoors in your front or backyard. (anywhere really.) Corvallis has a good resource here and Albany does here.

Looking for something with a lower impact? Love Yoga in North Albany has both in-person and online options.


Our hope is that you'll find one or several things on our list and give them a try. It's been a difficult year for most but it's important to your health and well-being that you take time to stay active and get outside. Make a point to leave your home at least once a day, even if it's just to go out in the back yard.

If you're looking for a new Primary Care Provider (PCP), Valley Clinics prides itself on taking the time to get to really know and connect with our patients. Our focus takes into consideration all facets of your overall health and wellness.

Feel free to fill out a new patient packet at or call us at 541-758-0766 and we will mail you a packet so we can get you scheduled for your new patient appointment.

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